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Air Transfer Grilles

Firebreather™ Air Tranfer Grilles for instantly blocking of fire spread between fire cells.

Venting between fire cells can be challenging where condensation and heat can be a problem in rooms where there is a requirement for fire cell limiting construction.

A very good option for venting through fire rated walls is to use completely passive air transfer grilles in walls such as the FB Air Transfer Grille.

This is a simple and inexpensive solution for venting across fire cell separators without compromising on the construction’s fire class.

The FB Air Transfer Grilles satisfies the need for adequate venting through fire rated exterior or interior walls without compromising with the strict requirements of a fire rated construction.

With FB Air Transfer Grilles installed, there will be no flame penetration or no leaking of hot gases to the unexposed side, both instantly and throughout the fire rating period.

FB Air Transfer Grilles have a fully passive vent design, i.e. it contains no moving parts, no detector activating system and no cabling.
The technology allows the air transfer grilles to perform in fires just as you expect from fire rated wall construction: Instant action, integrity (E), insulation (I).
It offers a passive substitute for mechanical fire damper air terminals and in ductwork application.
The solution require no detectors or activation and thus no expensive installation or maintenance costs.

However, visual inspection of the vents should be done to ensure that the perforated steel plates are not clogged by dust, insects or the like which can reduce the airflow. It is recommended to carry out inspection and necessary cleaning at least every five years.

The FB Air Transfer Grilles come in a selection of standard sizes and customized sizes between 100x100mm and 600x600mm can be made on request .

All products are supplied in fire class EI30 and EI60.

Standard sizes:
- 150x150mm
- 200x200mm
- 500×100 mm
- 500x150mm
- 600x600mm

Examples of use:
- Venting through exterior walls.
- Living rooms
- Booths
- Venting of garage facilities
- Indoor fire separators, between offices, technical rooms, etc.

Tested and classified according to: NS-EN 1366-3: 2009
Product documentation from RISE Fire Research AS: SPFR 030-0277

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Standard sizes Louvres - order separately Fire class Article number. Nobbnr.
150x150mm Flexit steel louvres Flexit flap valve TROX OVA louvres EI 30 / EI 60 FBO-150-150-27-60 43756224
200x200mm Flexit steel louvres TROX OVA louvres EI 30 / EI 60 FBO-200-200-27-60 43756353
500x100mm TROX OVA louvres EI 30 / EI 60 FBO-500-100-27-60 43762301
500x150mm TROX OVA louvres EI 30 / EI 60 FBO-500-150-27-60 43762316
600x600mm TROX OVA louvres EI 30 / EI 60 FBO-600-600-27-60

The concept

Firebreather technology (FB) is a unique concept for the development of passive ventilation grilles which has the exceptional characteristic that they block the spread of flames, heat and embers with immediate effect in the case of fire.