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Facade ventilation

Firebreather Façade vent solves the need for ventilation through fire-rated walls and facades.

In fire rated walls a conflict between venting and fire protection often occurs because venting is required/desired, but openable windows will compromise the fire rating of a wall.

This problem is often encountered, for example, in buildings where there are external walkways and the walkway is the escape way and therefore require a fire limiting structure without openings where fire can spread.

The FB Façade Vent solves this problem by offering both venting and fire rating. This is the best and cheapest method to fulfil the requirements for the fire rated construction.

The FB Façade Vent is sold by several different window manufacturers, please contact them for more information about sizes, colours, profiles, delivery time and prices.

Documentation and descriptions

The concept

Firebreather technology (FB) is a unique concept for the development of passive ventilation grilles which has the exceptional characteristic that they block the spread of flames, heat and embers with immediate effect in the case of fire.