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Securo produces fire-resistant air vents based on the renowned Firebreather™ technology.

"Protecting people" is more than just a slogan for us in Securo, it is something we strive to achive in our everyday life by having the most secure products on the market and by continuously working for safer regulations both nationally and internationally.

It is satisfying for everyone working here to know that the results of our work are both socially beneficial and give people better security.

The Firebreather™ technology gives us the only comparable products in the market with continuous fire resistance while still open for ventilation.

The products have won several awards for it’s innovative technology .
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Securo was founded in 2006 by Geir Jensen, who after a long time in fire engineering and fire consulting saw that there was a need in the industry that wasn’t covered by any existing solutions.

The result of his work was the internationally patented Firebreather™ technology, which today forms the basis for all our products.

We are located in Verdal in the mid of Norway where we have offices, warehouse and production.
We are also established with sales partners in 9 other countries and work actively with establishing in several other countries.

We are actively participating in several international fora, including those that develop new test standards for fire protection products in Europe and the United States.
In the US, we were the main player for the development of a new test standard for passive air transfer grilles that was launched in 2017. In addition, we have been actively involved in developing national standards in several European countries

Our overall goal is to be the leading manufacturer in our field and to provide the best possible service so that all our customers feel safe and satisfied with us.

Securo shall be characterized by Expertise, Innovation and Responsibility.


All our products shall be well documented solutions where our approvals are openly available, we shall have a good ability to deliver and good knowledge of our part of the industry so that Securo is a good and safe player to trade with.


We shall have the best technology in the market for passive fireproof ventilation and be innovative for future solutions.


We shall have an honest and open communication in all the areas and always focus on sustainability and the environment.